Korean Food with Friends

We recently had the pleasure of dining with some fellow Sacramento bloggers. Dinner was graciously hosted by Eat Well, Live Free and also attended by Succulents are for Sharing. Korean cuisine was the theme for the evening and we enjoyed Bibimbap – rice, oyster mushrooms, sunflower greens, bulgogi, carrots, kimchee, etc… and Dubu Buchim – a spicy fried tofu and green onion dish. Everything was delicious and a great time was had by all! Many thanks to Jon and Jillena for preparing such a wonderful meal and to Jillena and Marcos for hosting.


8 thoughts on “Korean Food with Friends

  1. If it was nearly half as tasty as it looks you were all in culinary heaven! Great photos, great food. Must be time to eat!

  2. That is so yummy looking. Although, for some reason the egg is a turn off for me. I’m sure it adds great flavor but it is just the way it looks. Yum! Lucky you. I made pizza tonight.

    • Yeah, some people had their egg a little more cooked. Traditionally the egg isn’t cooked much at all and you stir it all around and the hot rice cooks the egg. Pretty easy dish to make too if you ever want to try it. I’ve been craving pizza lately!

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