Curry Udon

Udon noodles with chicken katsu, egg, carrot, corn, and green onion in a curry broth.


6 thoughts on “Curry Udon

    • Thanks for the confidence, but Jon actually made this one a while ago before he left on his trip…hahaha :). I think it was fairly easy to make though, so I could probably pull it off myself.

    • Of course, I will ask Jon what he did for the broth and let you know. Other than that we just bought the Udon noodles from the grocery store (the refrigerated kind, not dried) and then breaded the chicken with panko and pan fried. For the egg I think he adds some soy sauce and other seasonings before cooking in an omelet style. And then the chopped veggies. Oh and I think I forgot to include that there is spinach there too. I’ll get back to you on the broth, but I know it was really simple because it was a last minute thrown together dinner.

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